How Much Does It Cost?
Your credit score is very important when it comes to obtaining a home loan and determining the interest rate.

Here at American Credit we offer a complimentary, no obligation to enroll in our program credit consultation. Depending on whether you obtained your credit report from your loan officer or you need to have us pull your report internally, there may be a small credit report fee involved.

Once we have a credit report that is 30 days or newer, one of our credit experts will go through every line item and detail of the report. We will itemize everything that is adversely affecting your credit scores and our likelihood of assisting you in permanently and legally having the negative item removed from your credit report.

In your consultation we will:

  • Help you understand what your credit score is and what it means to you both short and long term
  • We will help you understand requirements that may pertain to any financing you attempting to get approved for
  • Go through your entire credit report and indicate the probability of assisting you in getting any negative items removed
  • Offer you guidance on how to use the credit you may have in a way to maximize your credit score
  • Offer you guidance and direction as to the quickest way to re-establish your credit if this is applicable to your situation
  • Answer all your credit questions and concerns
Why Is There A Range In Your Fees?

That’s a great question! – Our fees are based on the severity of your case and how much work is involved.

Do You Have a Refund Policy In Place To Protect Me If I Am Not Thrilled With Your Services?

We would not have it any other way – Our firm has a refund policy we stand behind 100%. The only thing we ask is that you allow our firm to go through four pre-litigation cycles on all negative items on your credit report. If for any reason you are unsatisfied after that, you can request a refund.

There is a $225 non-refundable processing fee that offsets a portion of the costs associated with our staff on payroll that are working hard on your credit. If there is a negative item that has been successfully removed per bureau, we would deduct an additional $150 from any monies paid for our services. In this way you are not getting something for nothing.

What If I Am Happy With Your Customer Service But The Results Are Minimal – Can I Opt To Have You Continue To Attack The Negative Accounts On My Credit?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact over 90% of our valuable clients that have had minimal results, have opted to take advantage of our Re-Process program. In some cases we have to attack accounts several times to get any movement on them coming off of the credit report.