Effective Credit Repair

The difference in processes: American Credit Repair Centers is more unique than 95 percent of all credit repair companies out there mainly because they do not follow a simple dispute letter process.  (This is something the consumers can do on their own by visiting the credit bureaus websites directly for free!)  American Credit Repair Centers follows the same pre-litigation process Consumer Credit Law attorneys follow for a fraction of the costs involved.  The main difference between a dispute letter process and a pre-litigation process is the steps involved and the success rate achieved.

With a dispute letter process you are simply contacting the credit bureaus and asking them to look into the account to see if it is accurately reported or not.  The problem with this approach is there is no threat of legal action made towards the creditor at any time.  The creditor, if not threatened properly, is most likely going to respond back to the credit bureaus request in the allotted 30 day time period with proof (required by law) and the negative item will not be removed.

With a pre-litigation process American Credit Repair Centers sends a complete copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act directly to the creditor first demanding they provide proof that not only does the account belong to the client but more importantly was it reported to the credit bureaus correctly.  In this letter is included a threat of legal action should the information be not reported correctly or the investigation submitted be not responded to correctly.

After sending this initial threat out to the creditors American Credit Repair Centers follows it up with a request to the credit bureaus to investigate the accuracy of each account with the credit bureaus themselves.  Unbeknownst to the credit bureaus, the client has already threatened the creditors with legal action.  The credit bureaus look into each account (similar to a dispute letter process) however, the end results are much different, and here’s why… The creditor was threatened by you the client first when the copy of the law was sent out to them. This threat puts added pressure on the creditor to not respond because should any part of the report they submitted to the credit bureaus be found invalid they open themselves up to legal action from the client.  Not responding back to the credit bureaus on the investigations that have been submitted in 30 days or less causes the account in question to be deleted by the credit bureaus by default.  The creditors do not respond because they know there is no part of the law that states they will have to pay any fine or have legal action taken against them for not responding, only that if they do not respond the item must be deleted.

The most important thing to know is the creditors do not care whether or not a negative mark ends up on your credit report; this action is just a result of the process.  Most of the time creditors will not spend extra money with their legal department trying to fight back to keep a negative mark on your credit.  This is why it is so important to threaten the creditors first prior to involving the credit bureaus.  If there is no threat of legal action then there is no real reason for the creditors to not respond back in 30 days meaning more of the negative items will remain on your report.

We don’t enroll everyone: American Credit Repair Centers are committed to enrolling clients we feel we can truly help. The ultimate goal is always to have a positive impact on credit reports as a whole.   We take into consideration several factors before enrolling anyone.  Some of these factors are the following: What is the client’s goal?  Is it achievable with American Credit Repair Centers’ help?  Has the client re-stabilized financially?  What is the likelihood of success at fixing each negative mark based on 8+ years of experience?

Proven Results: Please visit our testimonials page for reviews from clients we have helped.

Customer Service:  We have a proactive and reactive customer service department which means we not only are here for you when you call in to check your status 24/7, but we also actively reach out to you when you are going to receive important documents from the credit bureaus to remind you what to do with them.  In addition, we are constantly in contact with you throughout the process to discuss your initial goal and your current status towards achieving it.

Years of Experience:  American Credit Repair Centers has a combined total of 20+ years of experience dealing with clients’ finances and the credit industry itself.

Credit Experts:  Our team of expert analysts reviews each credit report prior to enrolling any client and understands not only the way information is supposed to be reported but the method in which it takes to hold creditors accountable for misreporting this information.

We care and understand each client’s specific situation:  Each and every client has a unique goal and reason for choosing a credit repair firm.  We take this into consideration prior to enrolling every client so that throughout the entire process that goal is always our main focus.  We strive to have every client achieve their goal upon completion of our program.

Money Back Guarantee:  American Credit Repair Centers stands behind our work 100 percent.  We offer a money back guarantee should any client not be completely satisfied with our work once the program is complete.

Efficient:  Our goal is not to keep you locked in for months and months with no end in sight while charging your card every month.  Our goal is to get you into our program, fix your credit as quickly as possible and get you back on out there financing homes/cars etc.

Who we are:

American Credit Repair Centers was founded in 2003 and works specifically with loan officers, lenders, banks, brokers, mortgage offices, real estate offices and any major financial institution.  American Credit Repair Centers specializes in a pre-litigation process where we threaten creditors with legal action unless they can provide documented proof they have reported all negative information to the credit bureaus according to the law (Fair Credit Reporting Act).  This law states that any information that is reported about you must be accurate and verifiable.