Improve Your Credit Rating

I cannot qualify for home loanI cannot qualify for home loan

If you have been denied for a loan before, or don’t know where to start, American Credit Repair Centers can help. We customize the path for you and create the strategic steps addressing the main credit issues lenders will look at during the loan process to help you get approved as fast as possible!

Need to quality for a lease to rentNeed to qualify for a lease to rent

Do you qualify to lease a home or rent an apartment? If you are preparing to lease a home and are not sure what to expect, American Credit Repair Centers can address your credit questions or concerns.

I have no credit and need a car I have no credit and need a car

You are planning to get a car but have no real credit history. We can work with you to determine the key factors to your car loan approval and develop a strategy that works just for you!

Get approved for a credit cardsGet approved for a credit card

If your credit card application has been turned down before, do not despair. Creditors provide some information as to why the credit application was declined. American Credit Repair Centers can help you take the necessary steps towards getting approved. With over 30+ years of combined experience, we have seen it all!

Need credit for new employment Need credit for new employment

Bad credit can hinder individuals from getting jobs. A good credit rating is used as a valuable measure of your financial trustworthiness. Because many jobs require background checks, it’s important to make sure your credit information is being reported correctly in both the financial and personal history sections.

Need credit for new employment Need credit for my business

It’s important to know how business credit impacts the smooth running of your business. A high business credit score implies a lower risk to lenders. Like a consumer, a business has a credit history based on regular reporting by creditors.